I only really like the face, so that’s all you get in the scanned version >:V

Foxy the butt pirate
Pre-work selfie.

Foxy the butt pirate

Pre-work selfie.

  • My sister: I said I won't date him and he is cool with that. Plus he has a tarded beard now.
  • Me: on a scale of Zach Galinfianakis to Joaquin Phoenix how bad is it?
  • My sister: Yukon Cornelius...
  • Me: LOL!


Bryan Fury(Tekken series), from 1998 to 2012

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original character is free

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5NaF OC, Dough A. Deer. Dough’s character was the crust maker for the pizzas at Freddy Fazbear’s. He carries around a rolling pin which he uses to “play” a washboard in Freddy’s band. He was removed from the lineup and placed in storage after several mysterious concussions happened by his end of the stage….


FNAF art for Nico and Nico alone. I said I would so heres a Foxy ready to get five fingers in foxy.

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Bonus 5NaF character…



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